Jón Ragnarsson

Biskopshavn 20
5043 Bergen
+47 48 112 336




  • Run my own server from scratch.
  • Mail server (postfix/dovecot) with spam filtering and DKIM setup
  • Web server (nginx/php-fpm/uwsgi). Multiple hostnames with multiple web applications.
  • PostgreSQL database
  • Manage postlist with 20.000+ users. Keeping it out of spam blocking and subscription
  • Git server for own projects

Amazon Web Servies

  • Lambdas, performance watch
  • Buckets, managed storage
  • Web services for import/export of data


  • Python - 10 years. Python 2 and 3. Django, Flask, SqlAlchemy, GIS systems. Interfacing with Apache and nginx
  • Javascript - 12+ years. Interfacing with PHP/Python backends. Usage of jQuery, Angular and node.js among other systems. GIS and map programming
  • PHP - 18+ years. From version 4 to 7. Interfacing with mysql, Oracle and PostgreSQL.
  • C#/.NET - Intermediate. Not up to date with newest methods.


  • Oracle - PL/SQL and scripting. Import/Exporting, backup and tuning.
  • mysql/MariaDB - Managing, imports/exports, backup and tuning.
  • Postgresql - Current personal choice. Installing/upgrading, imports/exports, backup and tuning.
  • Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Amazon Web Servies

Operating Systems

  • Linux - Ubuntu/Centos/Debian. Installing and upgrading both server and desktop versions. Security updates and maintanance.
  • Windows - Server and desktop installations and upgrades


  • Webservers - Apache/IIS/nginx. Installing, upgrading and moving web applications between systems. Current personal choice is nginx.
  • GIS and map systems - ArcGIS server, tuning and web connecting. Leaflet and other web mapping software
  • Industrial computers - Programming and interfacing sensors and label printers.


Binr AS/GlobalConnect AS - Senior Backend Developer

Apr 2021 - Feb 2024
Backend systems
  • Python, Sanic, Redis
  • Rewrite of older PHP web.
  • Interfacing with billing and customer service systems
  • Internationalization of applications

HH Ráðgjöf recruitment agency - consultancy, ongoing

Jul. 2020 - Aug. 2020
New website. Complete re-design, programming and deployment
  • Python, PostgreSQL, nginx
  • Created from scratch with client
  • Frontend and Backend programming
  • Registering, mailing lists, job management and categorizing.
  • Web backend for searching and recruiting.

Innovasea Norway - Full Stack Developer

Nov. 2019 - June 2020
Writing and maintaining projects
  • .NET, AWS, Angular 9, Python, C#
  • Updating older systemns and writing new

CoreTrek - Senior Developer

Nov. 2018 - Sep. 2019
Various projects for clients.
  • PHP 7, Mysql, Apache, CSS/HTML.
  • Implementing custom solution for client's websites.

mbl.is - Senior Developer

Jan. 2016 - Oct 2018
Programming backend and front end for Iceland's biggest news website.
  • Python 2.x, Django, PostgreSQL, Apache, Perl.
  • Programming mbl.is and icelandmonitor.mbl.is websites.
  • Programming newswriters and editors back end.
  • Interfacing with live feeds and external databases
  • Securing servers and load balancing

Icelandic Geosurvey - Head of Software Development

Mar. 2007 - Dec. 2015
Developing tools and websites for internal/external use.
  • PHP, Python 3, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Apache, IIS.
  • Creating automatic reports, GIS mapping and other day-to-day work.
  • Designed and created Geothermal GIS database for Nicaraguan government
  • Developed internal web interface for the whole Iceland Geothermal database.
  • Created database for East-Africa geothermal resources

365 Media / D3 - Senior Developer

Mar 2003 - Feb. 2007
Developing backend and frontend for many of Iceland most popular websites.
  • PHP, C#, .NET, SQL Server
  • Front end programming for visir.is, Iceland second most popular news site
  • Other work: Tonlist.is - music streaming website, einkamal.is - dating service

Teymi / Miracle - Consulting

Mar 2000 - Feb. 2003
Oracle Consulting
  • Setup and programming of Oracle databases and web applications

Intranet ehf.

May 1998 - Mar. 2000
One of the first web development companies in Iceland
  • Oracle, PL/SQL, Javascript.


Reykjavik University

2 years of Computer IT 1996-1998

Menntaskólinn á Egilsstöðum

High-school, emphasis on business and technology 1993-1995


  • Travel, do less than I want to. But thankfully, I still have a lot of places to visit in my own country.
  • Photography. Mostly landscape. Goes nicely with my travel interest.
  • My work. I'm still interested in computers and technology after all these years.
  • All three mixed up: photosafari.is